Antigua salt water fishing frequently asked questions and tips.

Does our time for our Antigua fishing charter include going to and from fishing grounds? Yes, but we are only 5 minutes from fishing grounds.

What days of the week do you charter your boat? Overdraft is available for charter seven days a week.

Does our Antigua fishing charter price include food and drinks? Overdraft supplies Rum / Beer / Scotch & Soft Drinks . Often your hotel can provide a picnic lunch if requested.

Do you accept credit cards or travellers checks in Antigua? Yes we accept traveller's checks & Master/Visa cards.

Will we be able to keep our catch? Sorry no, the catch belongs to the boat, but on request the captain can provide filets of fish for a meal.

What type of fishing do you offer? Off shore deep sea trolling.

Is all fishing tackle provided? Yes we supply all fishing tackle and bait.

What type of fish do you catch? Big ones: Marlin/ Wahoo/ Dolphin/ KingFish & Tuna.

Is the boat equipped with a head (toilet)? Yes.

How many anglers can you accommodate? We carry a maximum of six people.

When can I cancel the charter without forfeiting my deposit? You must cancel 24 hour prior to day of charter.

Will we be refunded if the weather is rough or illness? No, once the boat leaves the dock you will be charged the price of the charter.

Antigua Sport Fishing tips from Captain Frank Hart.

In order to best enjoy your Antigua deep sea fishing charter Captain Frank offers these tips.

"The sun is hot in the Caribbean, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen. Although "Overdraft" has a large awning, many are not aware of the power of the sun reflecting from the sea. Bring a cap or hat too."

"It's not a good idea to have a large breakfast before your charter, particularly if you are prone to motion sickness. Rolling waves are the norm in the Atlantic and light breakfast "sits" better than steak and eggs, if you know what I mean..."

Whether you are a novice, or experienced with deep sea fishing and have a question about Caribbean fishing, click here to ask Captain Frank!


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